About Us

Sky Composites has its headquarters register in Zurich and is specialized in the Composite Materials related advanced R&D, Manufacturing & Processing and Global Distribution.

Sky Composites currently owns operating assets in USA, China, Ecuador, Hungary, Italy and South Africa, with global sales activities.

Sky Composites is a platform that is continuously expanding new technologies / products / services, new industrial applications, as well as new geographic coverage through a series of R&D efforts, direct investments, and M&As to drive its rapid profitable growth.

Our Responsibilities & Commitments

Sky Composites sets its responsibilities on the four balanced aspects of Community, Customers, Fellow Partners & Members and Stakeholders.

For the Community, we strive to provide better technology and products to deliver our commitment to Environmental Sustainability.

For our Customers, we deliver the best in class services globally.

For our Fellow Partners & Members, it is a partnership among all of the entities in our affiliated business network. We honor our partners with the maximum degree of participation and transparency. We commit resources and opportunities to develop our fellow colleagues further, with trust & stewardship being our most important asset.

For our Stakeholders, we practice the highest standards in corporate governance and aim to deliver fast profitable growth with the balance of managing the business risks in this age of uncertainty.